EDI implementation

Hi all .

I am new to EDI, please help me .

Please help me to implement EDI
I will submit a sample EDI 830 from Admin page and I have set a processing rule which will execute a service when
this document comes.
Now my doubt is in the service , BizDocEnvelope is the input for that service.
I have invoked two services wm.b2b.editn:getTspace and wm.b2b.edi:envelopeProcess
Is this service enough to get the EDI mesg in Document ??
please give your inputs

You don’t need to call getTspace nor envelopeProcess. Just call wm.b2b.editn:bizdocToRecord.

Review the EDI Module Concepts Guide, “Using the EDI Module with Trading Networks”, and the EDI Module User’s Guide for additional info.


You could use the service mentioned above or you can extract the content from your service input bizdoc(BizDocEnvelope)/content(bytes) and call bytesToString to extact the edicontent and then use WmEDI services for parsing,mapping etc…


What would be the advantage of doing all these steps instead of just using bizdocToRecord?

The result could be the same…but i never played deeper with the above said service always followed the old custom way…Thanks Rob…