Required info about recognize service

can any body give the detail info about

I searched for documentation for info about this service, i couldn’t. If any body found info please give the reference for this.

I believe recognize is not intended for general use, given that it is not documented and does not identify its input parameters.

You can figure out what it does and what input parameters are expected by looking at the receive and routeXml services and the documentation for them.

I use ‘recognize’ quite frequently. It takes a node and returns a bizdoc. The doc doesn’t get submitted to TN but will return you a bizdoc with the proper fields of the bizdoc filled in (ids, types, content, etc). We use it for SOAP services since TN doesn’t support SOAP directly we created our own ‘receive’ service.

I also use recognize for testing - I create a test flow that calls recognize, then I call my processing rule DIRECTLY so I can step through the processing rule (instead of having it go thru TN and losing the ability to step).