Flat file recognition

Hello everyone,

This might be two questions in one… I hope not, but please bear with me.

I am using a gateway service to send a flatfile document to TN, and I get the following in the pipeline variable bizdoc/DocType/TypeDescription:

Dummy doc type representing unrecognized documents

I have set up partners as EDIINT AS3 and also defined a ffSchema. In my gateway service, I am passing the SenderID and ReceiverID, as well as the DocTypeName.

Seems that since there is no documentation for the wm.tn.doc:recognize service. I have traced through to and tried to run this service by itself to see if the SenderID and Receiver ID return the proper value in bizdoc/DocType/TypeDescription to no avail.

Trying to troubleshoot my above errors, I have also tried to run my created doctype against a sample file, and I get the following error, event though the doctype is set up as a flat file:

There was an error in trying to get XML header information (DOCTYPE and DTD). The document (587a900052rqa1gd000000j4) is probably not valid XML.

I am very confused, I’m trying to follow documentation but not resolving these problems.

Any suggestions and/or thought provoking questions are welcome.

“I am using a gateway service to send a flatfile document to TN” -->
Are you using wm.tn.doc.ff:routeFlatfile service for flat file routing to TN?

Make sure set these fields (case sensitive) under the TN_params of the routeFlatfile step for document/profiles recognition etc…

DoctypeName (exact name as defined in TN doctypes as FlatFile)
[COLOR=#0000ff]DocumentID (optional)[/color]