wm.tn.doc:recognize Documentation

Does anyone have documentation for the wm.tn.doc:recognize built-in service? I have the Built-In services Reference 6.5, but it skips from wm.tn.doc:persist to :relateDocuments.

The reason I ask: I have a service that I use to post documents for multiple trading partners to persist to TN. It works fine for all, except the one I am currently trying to add. When the :recognize service runs, it returns $null for the relationship segment inside the bizdoc. When I run this for another TP, the relationship segment comes back populated with 2 GUIDs and a relationship #. The GUIDs, however, do not match anything I have been able to find–partners, documents, etc. Does anyone know what these values are, and why they might be coming in $null?

As you’ve seen from the documentation, recognize is not a published service and is therefore not intended for direct use by us users. But we do it anyway. :slight_smile: We’re just on our own.

What kind of documents are you passing to recognize?

The document type will determine if any document relationships are created. EDI documents, for example, will have relationships between the interchange and group documents as well as the group and transaction set documents.

Thanks reamon,

I am in fact posting EDI documents (X12 4010). The problem was in the TPA–I had the GSRouting/split Option set to Interchange instead of Transaction, so no relationship was created between the interchange/group/transaction set documents.

Thanks for your help!

Excellent. Thanks for posting what the issue was. It’ll help someone later on!