Proxy Issue while creating Image for 9.12?

Hi all,

I currently try to download new Images for wM 9.12 (for Win64 and Solaris SPARC).

Unfortunately my company uses proxies for outgoing traffic defined in PAC files.
Therefore the WPAD “AutoDetect” function is not working.

When using one of the proxies defined in the PAC file directly, after some time I receive an error message similar to this: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL:

There is no possibility to tell Installer to use “System Proxy” Settings.
See Feature Request 03064 in Brainstorm for Details (was originally requested for UpdateManager, but I just placed a comment that this is needed for Installer as well).

I tried with both Installer versions for 9.12 (20161008) and 10.0 (20170714) and with two different accounts.

Any Ideas how to solve this?
Requesting DVDs from SAG does not work as I do not have an appropriate drive available.


I have faced similar challenges getting image files through company firewalls.

I barely was able to download an image file after several rounds of interactions with my companies firewall teams but its always an uphill battle

I was able to download a 912 image file using installer after getting my firewall team to give me open download access (And that too only once when the stars aligned-I have been trying to downlaod again but getting connection reset errors)

So we have 2 approaches

Straight method
Work with your companies firewall teams to give you a proxy with open download rights .Tail the proxy log files to see all the traffic details through the proxy
When you run into issues raise a case with SAG to and try to see where the problem may be.

Also try to download image using Command Central.I tried this but was unsuccessful.I involved my proxy team and tried to tail the proxy logs.However they confirmed the proxy servers was not being hit-Hinting at a possible proxy implementtion issue with the Command Central product(Maybe even a fix missing,however since i was not able to download the fixs images i stopped there)
I wasnt able to raise a ticket with SAG as my organization did not currently have a contract that allowed to raise tickets

Not so straight method

Download the image from home network and transport to your company premise(penddrive or download on company laptop from home)
Download the image in a cloud machine on AWS or somehere and ftp the image in to your company network
Get a vpn that has lenient firewall restrictions and download the image and fixes in one shot

Hi Varghese,

all options under “not so straight” are not working or not allowed.

Downloading Fixes currently works (at least for adding new fixes to existing Images) with the approach I have described in initial post.

For the straight option:
Best will be we when UpdateManager and Installer are able to access the system defined proxy settings (i.e. for Internet Explorer et al.) instead of checking for WPAD-Proxies which we do not have or to specify one dedicated proxy out of the proxies list in the PAC-definition which fails with the described error.
That is the way the Feature Request was raised for.


This is what had worked for me…I manually put in the proxy details in the Installer Screen.See attachment.
The user that you use should have the necessary access to the proxy .In my case it was a network guy with “God” priveleges.

Ideally you would want your network guy to provide your id the necessary access to the proxy

Hi Vargehese,

The Proxies we are using use our windows domain login for authentication.

As fars as I can tell it is always the same component (a very basic part of the Designer installation) where this error occurs.
In other moements, when such error is reported clicking “Retry” several times will resume the download again.