Provider Issue for WSDL in designer 10.1

Hello Author,

We are using WM 10.1 server and designer version 10.1
While we have successfully created provider by using wsdl in our 10.1 version designer but while we open webservice provider wsdl in wsdl tab (ws provider in designer) we are seeing following issue and unable to view wsdl but below error display

Error while viewing wsdl in designer 10.1 subject alternative dns name matching server name found

Do we have any fix for this issue in 10x designer?

Let me know if you need more information

Adding an entry “ip_address hostname” Integration Server in the Windows etc\hosts file can resolve the issue.

Restart the designer once you make the change.

file location :

tried as suggested and modified host file and add entry like IP address

restarted designer but issue still exists

we have face similar issue in 9x designer not able to view wsdl in wsdl tab and below work around was work fine but tried same in 10x got no luck

  1.  Create folder C:\KeyStore
  2.  Copy the cert as localhost.jks (attached to C:\KeyStore)
  3.  Navigate to SAG installation – e.g. C:\SoftwareAG9.9\Designer\eclipse\configuration
  4.  Open config.ini and add below two lines at the end of the file;\KeyStore\localhost.jks
5. Restart the designer.


The steps mentioned above should resolve the issue, try installing the latest designer fix and still issue persists, open a support ticket with SAG.

Kindly update your results.