Processing Rules not matching

Hi Friends,

I’ve created one simple document in XML(sender id, rec id) and configured it in TN.I also created profiles in TN(Enterprise(sender) & test(rec) with proper DUNS number.(these are the numbers being referred in the XML file).Now when I try to test this processing rule in TN where sender = Enetrprise DUNS ID and reciever - test profile DUNS ID), it says “No matching processing Rules were found”

I’m just a beginner in TN, any kind of help would be highly appreciated…



Just check the following:

  1. Have you written the XQL queries to retrive the senderid and receiverid in the document that you have created.

  2. In the processing rule have you selected the document that you have created.

And this will defenitely find the processing rule when your document is submitted.

A couple of other tips:

  1. Check if your processing rule states the “document may have errors” at the bottom of the first pane. If errors are not allowed, check if your document has any errors (including duplicate errors) in its activity log? This is the #1 mistake I make.

  2. In TN Console, you can test your processing rule on whether it “matches” a sample document loaded from your local machine’s disk.

Thanks a ton Manoj,Sonam.
Would somebody tell me how do we use the “Identifying Queries” tab while defining Document Types in TN??

Identifying queries:
You can specify one or more XQL queries that locate a specific node in the XML document. In addition, for each identifying query, you can optionally specify the value that the node must evaluate to match this document.

Example: To identify a cXML order request, you might specify the following XQL query that assures the OrderRequest tag is in the document:
eg. /cXML[0]/Request[0]/OrderRequest[0]

You can get more information from the wMTN_BuildingYourNetwork.pdf document.
Good Luck!