Invalid senderID and ReceiverID in Activity Log


I am handling an XML document. I have configured two trading partners. I have configured a TN document with the XML file, used senderID,recieverID and root tag for identifying queries. I have tested the TN documents with a the corresponding XML document, it selected the right TN document. Next, i have created a processing rule selecting the right sender, reciever and document type. and a processing action to execute a small flow service. But, when i am testing the same XML document that i have used to test the TN documents, it pops with a message “No processing rule matched this document”. There is a sign that the processing rule was wrong? I dont know where it went wrong, i just initialized the sender, reciever ,document type and execute a service that’s it…i haven’t changed any other default options. when i have sent the XML document to TN, in the activity log i could see two errors, i.e invalid sender and reciever. Could someone please help me out with this. I have tried many times…but the same error. There is small mistake i couldn’t find out…

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May be its hitting default processing rule.Make sure your processing rule is above the other rule


If you see invalid sender/receiver id error then the document recognition isn’t working as expected (check the XMLdata) and profile (externalid’s)/Document Type (Extraction Section ) make match up to the XML extraction that you submitted.Definetely something wrong in the setup.

Side Note:Also make sure the new rule is above the “Default rule” (this comes with standard TN install)


Just 2 cents for below error in addition to other advices from RMG, make sure that you default rule is enabled so that it if the document doesn’t get identified properly it by by default hit the “default processing rule” rather than giving the error.


Are the above comments/suggestions helped or you still stuck?