Document recognition issue : Unknown Sender, Receiver

I’m sending data in XML form to TN using in-built service receive in a flow service.

  • I populated the TN_parms variables : SenderID, ReceiverID and did the TN setup (creating TN parter profile(it’s active), TN document type with attributes to extract as SenderID & ReceiverID (it’s enabled), and created a processing rule for that TN document type). But after invoking the flow service, when i saw documents received in Transaction Analysis, the Sender and Receiver appeared as ‘Unknown’, whereas it should be what was specified in TN_parms in flow service. Moreover, the default processing rule was getting selected.
  • Later, i also specified the processingRuleName additionally, in TN_parms in the flow service and so, now the desired processingRuleName is getting invoked. However, still the Sender and Receiver are shown as ‘Unknown’. :uhoh:

I don’t think that the document after reaching TN doesn’t match more than one document type, then why SenderID and ReceiverID attributes are not getting recognized ?? Please suggest. What else i need to know?


  • Bond.

Don’t use TN_parms when handling XML. It’s not necessary. In your TN document type for the XML document, define the XQL query needed to extract the document sender, receiver, document ID, etc.

Review the TN documentation for defining document types and how to extract attributes from XML documents.


Check the extract values defined for Sender ID and Receiver ID ( You need to specify the same extract type as you specified on the TN profile ) . For example if your DUNS number is 12345 which you are planning to use as Sender ID, and if its defined as a DUNS number on TN Profile , you have to choose it as a DUNS value when defining the extraction value .



Now, TN doc. type is getting recognized but still there is some issue with respect to SenderID, ReceiverID.:rolleyes:
I’m getting this error (as evident in Activity Log):
“Transform for SenderID of doctype samplexml failed to produce a value. The transform function was FN_PARTNER_LOOKUP, the first original value was DUNS.”
In Identifying queries, i specified a query : /Element1[0] and its value as DUNS.
In attributes to extract, i’ve selected : SenderID and ReceiverID, gave their query as : /Element1[0] and /Element2[0] and selected
Transformation Built-in as DUNS.
What else do i need to do ? Or, plz let me know anything i’m missing.


Can you post a snippet of the document being processed? It appears that perhaps the query is incorrect.