TN is not recognizing the senderid and receiverid

hi all

could any body help me out how to resolve the problem regarding TN.
The TN is not recognizing the xml document that im processing through TN and even the senderid and receiverid is been shown as unknown in activity logs HOW TO RESOLVE THIS


Kindly check whether you are giving same sender\receiver ID as you have specified in External ID type in profiles??

Is your XQL query for extracting sender\receiver ID is correct?

Puneet Saxena


Check whether you have this senderID and receiverID in the pipeline when you route the document to TN.

Also check that you are setting the correct root tag while creating the TN document type. This root tag should be same as the root tag of the document that you are routing to TN. Refer to TN user guide for more details.

For XML document , when you submit a document to TN , it looks for the appropriate matching document type . If not found any it would mark the document type name and hence sender & receiver as unknown .

Looks like your document is not getting recognised . So , you need to create the document type of XML , mention identifying parameters (root-tag or identifying fields) and then in the Extraction tab mention the senderid and the receiverid with proper XQL and also type-name of the ID (DUNS , USER-Defined) . Remember these you have to have proper enterprise and partner configured with these ID’s .

when i test my processing rule and document type, they are getting regonised…But when i submit my document to another TN its showing as unknown senderid,receiver id and document type in transaction analysis:confused:

How are you submitting the document to another TN?? could you elaborate more??

Does all the profiles/doctypes/rules etc…in place for the partner specific document in the another TN??


im submitting document via Admin page–>trading networ–>document submission–>submit document to another trading network…