Process flatfile using EDIINT


I’m using WM6.5, TN6.5 and WmEDIINT 6.5.Below is my requirement
My partner will be sending flat files(CSV, tab delimited & fixed length) as payload thru AS2 to WmEDIINT receive service. I have chosen the option "Submit payload to TN " in WmEDIINT config. Also i have specified a service (named processFF)to be invoked which basically populates the TN_Params for sender,receiver & doctype info and submit the document to TN. When the partner sends the document with content type as text/plain the payload is not processed. Only when contenttype is set to application/edi-x12 or application/edifact or application/xml the payload is processed. But again the User Process Payload Service(processFF) is not called before the payload is processed.

Can anyone tell me what content type to use for flat files and how to process flat file documents thru WmEDIINT.

Hey jvenkat, did you get the solution for this? I’m facing the same issue with our version on 7.1.2
Or did someone else get the same issue?

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Hello, did anyone do something like this before?

In my case the Payload is not being processed, even if I can see it well.

I’m using Wm IS 7.1.2

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Please check this article on Advantage site,there is some custom procedure involved for processing not supported message via EDIINT payloads:


Thank you so much RMG, this was very useful for me.

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your welcome!