Problem while integration Broker and IS in Publish subscribe

I am getting the following error if I try to run the publish flow service [ISS.0134.9009] Unable to send message to JMS provider “JMSConnectionAliasName”: javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: [BRM.10.5001] JMS: No send permissions for event type “JMS::Queues::QUEUE_DESTINATION” in client group “IntegrationServer”

I dont know where to give the send permission for this client group

Senathipathi D

I guess you should:

  • Go to My webMethods Server and log in as Administrator
  • Enter into Administration -> Messaging -> Broker Servers -> Client Groups
  • Locate the “IntegrationServer” client group and enter into its details
  • In its “Can Publish” and “Can Subscribe”, add the document types you will be handling. Usually you should have defined these document types as Topics in Administration -> Messaging -> Broker Servers -> Document Types before all that.

Hope this helps

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