Problem while sending message to jms topic

My IS version is 7.1 and Broker is also 7.1 version and Broker is the JMS provider. I am using WM inbuilt jms service to send the message to topic. When using pub.jms:Send service I am receiving the below error. But when I try to connect to different broker it is working fine.
Any help what would have gone wrong? I tested the jndi connection by doing a lookup from IS admin page and is working fine. Connection alias is also enabled. [ISS.0134.9009] Unable to send message to JMS provider “jmsConnectCims_Pub1”: [9037] Unable to enlist JMS resource in transaction



This error will come when you don’t have topic for the broker,which you want to publish the doc.I think you have to add a topic to that broker.
For Adding a Topic-

Go to My webMethods Server and log in as Administrator

  • Enter into Administration → Messaging → Broker Servers → Document Type->Add Topic.
    Please precise the provider name, the Queue Lookup Name and the Connection Factory Lookup Name.

If you already done with that, then check all configuration onec again and let me know.