Unable to Subscribe to Publishable document (urgent help required, deadline to be met

Documents are getting published to the queue but the subscribe service in not getting called , for some

days we are experiencing this problem , intially it was getting subscribed.

While the Integration Server is starting ,all the triggers are failing and broker exception is thrown code

  1. The broker is connected and we can see the documents in thw queue when it get published.

The error when the IS is started is : - [ Similar for the other triggers ]

2006-01-29 10:20:20 IST [ISS.0098.0036E] ControlServices.WO.trigger encountered Transport Exception :

com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.Exceptions.TransportException: Broker Failure <100-1010>: A failure

occured on the Broker. The error code is 306 and the message is ‘’

Any help in this regards will be a indeed very kind .

Thanking you !

Hi Rajiv,

Did you resolve this issue? I tried to look into a the error also browsed into error logging pdf for any some listed errors faced in wM’s ?

Some of then were pointing to ask wM Customer Support.

If you resolved please do inform !


Broker Failure (100-1010): A failure occurred on the Broker - udpate

The message “Broker Failure (100-1010): A failure occurred on the Broker. The error code is 306 and the message is ‘’.” indicates that the “IntegrationServer” client group which your IS Broker clients use, has set “Access Label” to “Required”. With this setting the Broker requires any client connecting with that client group to have an access label assigned by an access label adapter (ALA).

In MWS please go to Messaging > Client Groups > “IntegrationServer” > Configuration tab and un-check “Access Label required” if this group property has been set here unintended.

Another reason for this error message could be that the Integration Server lost its identity (i.e. distinguished name or DN and an authenticator name (the issuer DN of the client’s SSL certificate)) for connecting to the Broker. Reconfiguring the identity should solve the issue in this case.

Please review Broker Admin guide for chapter “Using Access Labels” for details on this topic.