IS server log filling up.

Hi am using wm 8.0.1,

My IS server is continously filling up with below log

2011-09-16 14:38:04 IST [ISS.0098.0036E] Regular-SimpleQueueDocReader encountered Transport Exception: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: No Permission (109-1374): Cannot publish the document. Permission is denied. Check the ‘can publish’ permissions in the client’s client group.

I could not find the document name for which i need to set the can publish permission in client group.

This log is genreated every 10secs, its completely filling the log.

Hi Any idea on the above post


Try to do the below steps to resolve.

If you got the name of the document in the Error msg, then try to Sync the document from the developer and check the Broker document type created or not and also have a look in the broker as well for the same broker Doc type.

In case if you are not getting the Broker Doc in the error msg, that means as you know, the broker document is not created. Either you can recreate the document and make the publishable document and then add the Doc to the respective client group as Can Publish.

Try these scenarios. it should work