Problem using Update Manager

When I try to use Update Manager, I have the following error :

SymLink does not match with the one provided during product installation.

wM10.5, Windows Server 2016 x64

You can check config.ini file in <product_installation_directory>profiles/instance_name/configuration, the property com.softwareag.install.root=<product_installation_directory>profiles/instance_name/…/… .
The value of com.softwareag.install.root and actual installation directory should match. SUM is cross checking customer’s provided installation directory in SUM against the installation directory that was created in config.ini file when the product was first installed.

Changing the initial installation directory is not supported and by all evidence seems it has been done by copy/pasting if you see this error message. That’s why we have such validation in SUM to verify for similar activities from customer side. This would lead to unsupported scenarios in future even if we enforce SUM to pass the validation at the moment. All this is described in Software AG Installer documentation that any user manual interaction with files delivered by Software AG tools is not supported.

Thansk Vasil,
In my profile folder I have CTP, IS_default, MWS_default and SPM folders (for each component I have). Each of them have configuration folder with config.ini file. But in theses files there is not com.softwareag.install.root line.

Hi Vital,

Mhm, it is mandatory property, so it should be there. Can you double check the find rules of the editor you are using?
As Windows user I guess you are using notepad++ (most used by my own observations) in the search box there is option “Count” or “Find All in Current Document” they are not affected by search mode criteria.

If after that the property is missing you can check in SUM logs under: <SUM_installation_folder>\UpdateManager\logs\debug\debug.log as latest created log. Search for “->validateSymLinkDirectory”. This is where the Symlink validation log information is stored, so you can check what has SUM detected. Let me know your findings.


Im sorry,
Ur right, the file exists. Maybe it’s because I use notepad and not notepad++.
It seems the good folder except for CTP profile folder.
I fix it and I try again and keep you inform.

OK Vasil,
It seems to work thanks

Perfect! You’re welcome.