Problem in getting started of webMethods server

Hello All Dudes,

I’m New to this webMethods. When I’m starting the IS server I’m getting this error::

2013-12-08 16:30:28 IST [ART.0116.3509D] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Notification Manager waiting on Integration Server initialization.

For this I’m unable to login into the developer as well as in Admin page.could you please help me in this issue dude I’ll be very thankful to u :slight_smile: .I’m waiting for the Solution.

Is this an upgraded environment? Do you see this happening after upgrade or in a fresh or working environment?

You had mentioned, you were not able to login to Admin page, meaning Administrator/manage did not work (access denied) or admin page doesn’t respond from browser?

Try the following one by one…

  1. If admin page doesn’t allow you to open with ‘access denied’, edit config/users.cnf file and provide password for (replace encrpyted value with manage) for the user administrator
  2. Restart IS in safe mode
  3. Disable all the custom packages and enable one after the other to see if any package specifically throws this error. If you find a specific one, may be it could be the reason that it got corrupted