PIP resubmit


Platform: Wm 6.0.1, Package : WmRosettaNet.

In case a PIP fails, I cannot resumbit PIP from TN.
So I delete the PIP from TN and wrote a custom code to pick RNO from pub/archive and http to TN.
URL = http://tech.forums.softwareag.com:port/invoke/wm.ip.rn:receive
content-type = Application/x-Rosettanet-agent

PIP is posted to TN as Unknown Document Type

Error is “RNO Format Error: Content length is 18,347. Data length is 1,701,737,517.”

Can anyone help me, on resubmitting PIP to TN ?


I’m getting this same issue. I am also posting a document to my own server. I’ve used this exact process many times in the past and have never had a problem. Did you find out what was causing this?


no luck from my side.

Just to clarify terms - a PIP is what you download from the www.rosettanet.org site and contains information about the conversation and records involved. What you are trying to repost is an RNO (RN Object).

The second 4 bytes of an RNIF 1.1 RNO contain the content length of the document (first 4 bytes contain the RNIF version). If they do not match the actual content length of the document, the RN adapter will throw the error you’re seeing.

Since the two numbers are off by so much the first 8 bytes are probably missing and it has read in “Mess” (from “MessageID”) in as the content length.


The RNIF version is 2.0
If the contents mis-match, then how can we resumbit the RNO