RNO Format Error

Iam have a service which does an http post of a RNO object (after changing the instance identifier). This service basically simulates our trading partner sending us a PIP document. However the document is not recognized in the TN console. Iam getting the following error.


“RNO Format Error: Content length is 6,528. Data length is 1,634,166,061.

In the header of the http post, I have specified the following.

content-type : application/x-rosettanet-agent
x-RN-Response-Type: async

Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Is this still an issue? Plesae let me know!

Even I am facing same issue when trying to post 3A4 Pip.

Any quick help will be apprecated.

thnks in advance

Hi Guys!
Can you please let me know if you are trying to send a RN 1.1 or 2.0 message? The header values differ based on this.
I can send you a package that you can use to see what has to be set!