Pip3A4_Buyer_Model_new.Design_Server:Send_PO_Request - error


I am using wm6.1 and getting the following error for PIP 3A4.

com.wm.ip.trp.IPException: Error: Error while executing service wm.ip.util:getInstanceID [ESIPRT.000000.000001] [ESIPRT.000000.000001] [ESIPRT.000000.000001] Error Message: Error: Could not find starting index for character " - " [ESIPRT.000000.000024] [ESIPRT.000000.000024] Suggested Action: Level: Level: Service Call Stack: com.wm.ip.trp.IPException: at com.wm.ip.trp.IPException.fromResource(IPException.java:53) at wm.ip.util.getInstanceID(util.java:958)…

The monitior also not showing whether the step(3rd step Send_PO_Request ) is success or failed…

any idea… please help…



The conversation ID must be in the form --.



In this case the instance identifier is “111222333”. This value is needed to populate the instance identifier field in the ServiceHeader. The conversation id is automatically generated in this format by the RosettaNet module. This error could happen when the conversation id is set by the user and is usually not in this format. For example, some might use the PO number as the conversation id.


Hi Nagesh,

Thanks for the update…

As you said,i am using Trading Networks web manager to submit the sample document…

I am passing conversationid in this format 111111111-111222333-Buyer.I am getting error in the Send_PO_Request step saying,
In service wm.ip.rnif11.trp:trpPackage: Failed header validation. Reason: /ProcessControl/ProcessIdentity/GlobalProcessIndicatorCode: VV-005 - [ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exist [ESRN11.000020.000033]

How to resolve this…


The Trading Networks web manager page submits the document to wm.tn:receive. RosettaNet documents are submitted to wm.ip.rn:receive.
Please post the document to this url and not to TN’s URL.

Hi Raghu,

I tried submitting to wm.ip.rn.receive thro’ a html file… but this time it is not identifying the Document type. If possible, can you send me the sample client code for the document posting.

please note my email id : arunnskumar@yahoo.com


I need some information for this. Can you please tell me which version of RNIF message you are trying to post? (1.1 or 2.0). Also, please look at the message and let me know the “usagecode” (test or production).
I need this info to send you the correct utility to post the message.

Hey Raghu,

I am using RNIF 1.1 version only…
currently I am involved in POC kind of work… so the posting utility is for testing only…


Hi Arun,
I have emailed you the utility, Please let me know!