No matching conversation script in wM6.5.1

I am implementing a two action PIP 3A4 in Wm6.5.1. I have configured sender and receiver profile in TN.
Changes to process models for initator and fullfiller are also done.

At the initiator end the document is getting recognised by but fails at

Following is the error message thrown by getConversationScript:

Error: No matching conversation script. [ESIPRT.000070.000009]

Is there any conversation script i need to import?
Any suggestion in this regard will be very helpful?


1) check while doing the tracing after the recognize service, In Output panel, the document is recognized, sender, receiver Id, Document type Name populated properly?

2) Process model is updated for monitioring and enabled?

“Is there any conversation script i need to import?”–Starting from IS6.x you dont have conversation script concept in TN…basically process model is the option for processing RN PIP’s.

Why do you have this step in your model?? Are you using sample 3A4 models which comes with RN Adapter standard installation??


Thank you for your reply. As you said I am using the sample 3A4 models which comes with RN Adapter standard installation.

Below are the Purchase Order process steps:

  1. is invoked by wm.b2b.rn.sample.company1:Order.
  2. getConversationScript is used by

And after recognize the document, it is populating the SenderID, ReceiverID and DoctypeName. ProcessModel is updated for monitoring and enabled also.

Please suggest me any thing else i need to do?