Send a RosettaNet Pip to Trading Netwoks

I’m new to Webmethods. I’m currently working on an Inbound Pip 5C1 pilot. I need a way to send the 5C1 pip to Trading Networks so that the Conversation Script gets kicked off. I tried to use the Document Submission on Web Manager, but when I sent the document the conversation script was not started. It seems that it was looking for a Processing Rule.

I also created a HTTP service, but that did not work either. The document was sent to Trading Networks, but failed because it was missing information that is contained on the Preamble and Service Header.

Does anyone know a way to submit a document to Trading Networks for a RosettaNet Document, that would include the Preamble and Service Header? Does anyone know where I could get an XML submitter that woiuld work for RosettaNet?

    Thanks, Fernando

Hello !

I assume you have properly installed the wM RosettaNet V4.6 adapter.

  • RosettaNet Objects (RNOs) must be submitted to wm.ip.rn:receive (WmIPRoot package)
    To my understanding, your focal role is ‘Demand Creator’ and you would like to build a 5C1 RNO that would have ‘Product Provider’ as sender role.
    To build a RNO I would suggest that you create a dummy ‘Product Provider’ profile, build manually the 5C1 service content, and use the corresponding 5C1 outbound C.S. to create the RNO (the adapter will automatically create the preamble and service headers + s/mime envelope). This RNO can be re-directed to your TN/IS instance and will therefore become the input to your inbound 5C1 C.S. But I’m not sure RN ack will properly work in this case.
    It would be easier to use a different B2B/IS/TN instance that would play this ‘Product Provider’ role.

Some basics for outbound RN mapping :

The input to the outbound Map Service is the B-E document, represented as a record
A typical way to retrieve the B-E document content as a record from the BizDoc Envelope (TN record) is to call :

  1. wm.ip.util:getBizDocFromEvent (retrieve BizDoc Envelope)
  2. wm.ip.util:recordFromBizDoc (extract the B-E doc content)

The output of the mapping service must be the appropriate PIP document record, and it must be mapped to the Payload record of the documents entity in the pipeline


Do you have a document that explains this process. I am also trying to simulate the rosettanet PIP submission. I want to send a PIP to my trading networks so that appropriate conversation script gets kicked off. Actually this PIP would come from my trading partner. I want to simulate this action internally within my trading network.
I have setup the profiles (my enterprise and my trading partners)
I have created the document types, conversation scripts and defined right roles. I have a xml file that my trading partner has emailed me that has actual PIP content. I want to know how I can submit this to my Trading networks so that right conversation gets invoked.


Hi Experts,

I am also searching for inputs(Steps) on submiting my PIP3A4 document to TN(4.6).
If anyone has information on how to do this, then please let me know.