Issue after applying Rosettanet 6.0.1 SP1

Hi All,
we recently applied Rosettanet6.0.1 SP1 to Our IS.Since then whenever we try to submit an RNO internally using a service(basically we are doing a http post),PIP is not getting recognised on TN.Previously,Before the Service pack was applied ,we were able to post an RNO and it used to get recognised on TN.I am assuming there is an issue with the content types.whenver we submit internally,we usually mention the content type as “multipart/related; type=“multipart/related”; boundary=boundary value in rno”.we are working on Rosettanet PIP 4A3.

TN shows the content stream as “” and no content is displayed.
our IS - 6.1
Rosettanet -6.0.1

Pls suggest what we can do to make it recognisable.


how did you solve this?