Passing SenderiD and ReceiverID

I’m using or service to send xml record to TN. I’m passing TN_parms/SenderID and TN_parms/ReceiverID to both the service input signature but in TN it still says “Unknown” for both sender and receiver column. I’ve already created the partner profiles.

Are you passing the TN-assigned ID? The value must be the internal TN ID, not one of the external IDs. In gateway services I’ve done, I usually do a lookup of the internal TN ID using an external ID (usually the “Mutually Defined” type) and pass the value returned by the lookup.

The TN partner profile that I setup, I set the external ID of “Application ID” = abc. I guess I’m not certain what value should be in “TN_parm/SenderID” and “TN_parm/ReceiverID”.

I see what you mean. The internal id is the cryptic value. Thanks. Let me try.

Why are you explicitly mapping TN_param in the routeXML?..

In the TN DocumentType extraction aren’t you set attributes (XPATH
XQL) when you first created XML doctype? so then sender/receiver will be extracted from the xmldata received in TN?


The xml does not contain the sender/receiver information. Therefore, I want to explicitly provide that information to TN. If you can think of a better way, please do let me know.

I am not quite sure how it works similar to routeFlatfile service TN_Params inputs and may be not the easier way:

I’m using the and providing the internal id for sender/receiver to the bizdoc and to TN and the sender/receiver looks correct now.

sounds a good work around:

But what is your sender/receiver internal id you mean partnerID explicit mapped to bizdoc/SenderID and ReceiverID?

That’s correct. I first invoke the service to get the sender/receiver internal ID and map that to the bizdoc/SenderID and ReceiverID.

You mean sender/receiver internal partnerID’s from the profileSummaries isn’t?

That’s correct.

good deal:)…ty


In TN_Params apart from SenderID and ReceiverID also add DocumentType. Make Sure value inserted in DocumentType must be same as DocumentType defined in TN.
Also define the respective SenderID and ReceiverID in TN under DocumentType tab.
I hope this will solve your problem. Also let me know incase you still face the similar problem. I will mail you the code.


Also define the respective SenderID and ReceiverID in TN under DocumentType tab.

What will be defined in the Query when he doesn’t have this extracted from the xmldata? and the ReceiverID field won’t be saved at any point right?