Passing nonstandard parameters to tnrocognize

Is there any way to pass a parameter to tn.recognize, and have it accessible in the service that TN calls per the processing rule for X12 documents?

In short, I pass an X12 document to tn.recognize. I also want the mapping service, called from the processing rule for this X12 document, to be able to access the file name that held the data.

I tried adding a string to TNParams, but the variable didn’t exist in the called service.

Any ideas?




Can we know reason behind your logic of using tn:recognize to process X12 document,unless you have some custom content-handler,document?

Instead you can route directly the EDI X12 document(edidata string) to TN using routeXML or tn:receive (map node)WmTN Service and this will trigger invoke a defined ProcessingRule right.

let us know if you have any futher questions.



I can change to the routeXML service, but will that resolve the problem? Will I be able to send it a parameter, then read the parameter within the called service?




TNParams is used for different purpose and this will be used internally by TN runtime that holds information for document recogniztion,content-type etc…So you cannot use this to pass any custom params etc and inturn accessible by TN processing service…

Other option would be you can make use of defining partner profile ExtendedFields (custom) in the TN and read those using( in the called processing service.

Let us know if you are still not clear,