Invocation of service with missing parameters of the EDI data content

Am facing a problem with the invocation of a service from the TN.
An EDI data comes from the partner and the document is recognised in TN and the correct processing rule is fired.
When the processing rule invokes the service in the developer, the service gets the bizDoc as the input with other parameters such as sender, receiver, editxn and other such inputs too (as documents)

But if these parameters are not coming from the TN while the invocation of service, could anybody tell me the probable causes for it.
Am getting the bizDoc alone. I need the rest of the parameters too in the pipeline.

Thanks in advance!

The Invocation service will always get you the bizdoc,editn_xtn (If your processing rule document type selected as Transaction Set) in the pipeline.

At what times you are not seeing these vars in the pipeline? Any clearPipeline are you using in the first step?


Thanks for your reply.
I have not used clear pipeline in my service.
What do you mean by (If your processing rule document type selected as Transaction Set)?
For the past one week i received edi data from the partner and it gets me the bizdoc as well as the editn_txn.
But now when they send the messages the edi txn is not coming in the pipeline and i could not trace the reason for it.

PS: We just changed the receiver id in the profile and the TPA’s for it due to a requirement. But i dont know if it can affect this.
Anyways the sender and receiver are correctly recognized in the TN. Please advice.

What do you mean by (If your processing rule document type selected as Transaction Set)?

Ans: Check your partner specific TPA “EDITPA” for receiver and check the field Split Option is “Transaction Set”. If you do not have any partner specific TPA for Agreement id “EDITPA”, then check split option value in sender “Unknown”, Receiver “Unknown”, Agreement ID “EDITPA”

Hi Arul,
I have a partner specific TPA but i cannot find any option as field split option there.

  1. Open the Partner Specific TPA
  2. I Could see first field “GS Routing”, second field “persistmultipledocEnvelop”, third field “Processing mode” and fourth field “splitOption”
  3. Edit the fourth filed it will have the following possible values.