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I got to know there is an Oracle DB migration document provided by SAG in the documentation. I am working on 11g to 12c release 2 migration in 9.8 version hosted in linux. DBA team will move the existing DB to new host and rest of the DB attributes will be same. As part of this migration, I need to perform the respective changes at webMethods end (MWS, IS, Broker). So I need the list of places where I need to do the changes like JDBC adapter connections, Pools, Jars update, OJDBC driver, DB views and stored procedure and many other. So I need the SAG provided document for the reference or links would be appreciated. I tried searching in the SAG documentation sections but unsuccessful in finding it. Could anyone help me with the same? Thanks in advance.

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Surya RK

I think you have confused yourself on this. Is your DBA team upgrading your wM internal dB or upgrading other 3rd party application database?

If wm dB configured in JDBC pool alias, there is upgrade document that tell you how to upgrade.

If your dB is other third party dB that configured in jdbc adapter, it’s the implementor responsibility to come out the list. It’s same like your write Java program to connect to dB. When you upgrade the dB, you need to change the jdbc driver to suit your version.

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in addendum to Mike´s response:

Make sure you have the latest fix for the DataDirect driver applied to your installations.

OJDBC-Driver can be updated as well before the DB migration starts as a 12c Driver can connect to an 11g Database.
Just check at Oracle Technet Download section which is the correct jar-file.

As far as I know 9.8 is running on Java 7 so you should use the ojdbc7.jar from the latest drvier version 12.1.x.x available at OTN.
Search for “JDBC driver” on Oracle´s website.

Oracle 12.2 driver and newer do not have an ojdbc7.jar any longer, they only provide an ojdbc8.jar, which will only be working in Java 8 and newer.

You should consider upgrading your wM version to at least 9.12 asap for not falling too far behind to the current version (10.5) and to ease future migrations to current versions.

For the locations where the connectivity parameters are stored:
For IS internal pools check for IntegrationServer/instances/default/config/jdbc/pools directory.
You can edit the url there.
For MWS check for MWS/server/default/config/mws.db.xml.
This one can be edited as well to change the host where the database is running.
For JDBC Adapter this is performed best when IS is online and then edit the connections accordingly.


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