Starting wM components over a new OS, after migration

HI everyone

We were on wM 9.5 on Solaris 10 and have now upgraded to Solaris 11, and migrated all the application Data/file structures/and Oracle DB to the new OS (Solaris 11).

This OS upgrade is hosted over a new IP address & hostname, yet all the application data migrated is from Solaris 10 (different IP and hostname) :

  1. How do we start the wM components without having to do a fresh install on Solaris 11?

Thank You.

Hi Ozis,

you will have to do a “find” over all the config files for your products and change the IP-Adresses and hostnames.

Be careful when editing the node-name of the MWS. This needs be skipped as otherwise the MWS will not find the right information in the Database.

If you are using Optimize remember to edit the Database Connection and Environment Definition in Central Configurator in MWS.

After the start check all configurations if they are correct, esp. WmDesigner package config.


HI Holger

Phew!! Thank you for the response.

Much appreciated.