I have Few Questions regarding SAG Upgrade

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Universal Messaging and IS on VMs

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?

Full version

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

  1. Can the hostnames be changed after provisioning and installing/configuring of SAG components/products? What would be the impact for the installed components? Can we identify all the configurations (config and/or property files), database table names and/or database entries to change the hostnames after the components/products have been installed…
  2. Can we use the existing Enterprise Manager (wM version 9.9) for new version (10.7). Is the Enterprise Manager included as part of UM component/product?
  3. Is there a provision to enable UM access (messaging triggers, connection factories, queues, topics etc. as applicable) via Mws? In other words, are there UM interfaces or can the UM be configured to administer and monitor in Mws?
    4) What is the jdk/jre that is shipped with 10.7 version?
    5) Do we need to install external jdk/jre or can we use the version shipped with wM 10.7?
    6) Can we have jdbc drivers connecting to different versions of SQL Server database within an enterprise?
    For example, SQL Server 2019 for SAG component/product database for wM version 10.7
    SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2016 database for applications (transactional data)
    In such a case, where should the jar files (jdbc drivers) to be placed on IS and are there any specific settings/configurations to be performed for the proper functioning of JDBC pools and/or JDBC adapter connections?
    a) Will there ever be a conflict of database drivers between the two versions?
    b) Will higher version of jdbc driver connect to lower version of database server?

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

Hi @dpinninti ,

Here are some answers

  1. Need to check this, meanwhile if other experts have an opinion, please commment.

  2. NO, you cannot use UM 10.7 with IS 9.9. Please check the cross product compatibility to see what versions are supported with each of the SAG Product. For UM 10.7, IS 9.12 and above are supported.

  3. As far as configuring UM assets in MWS, I think you can not do that. Atleast, not to the level of administration/monitoring that you are looking for.

  4. That would be Java 1.8 (Zulu), please check the System Requirements doc for more information.

  5. You can use the one that is shipped with the product.

  6. Again, you would get this information in the System Requirements doc and the supported versions of SQL Server for 10.7 are 2016, 2017 and 2019 which are officially tested and certified. And for using multiple versions of the RDBMS for separate activities, just ensure that you are copying the required jars in the classpath. Please check our admin guide for more information.


It’s been my experience in the past that this can be a painful exercise. But perhaps things have been changed that make this easier. My advice would be to avoid it.

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If you are using Integration Server /MSR for hosting APIs, services and adapters then I don’t see any issue with the host name changing. The only concern would be that if you using service auditing, the logged server would not reflect the new reality so resubmission would not work.

You can resolve this by setting the extending setting ‘watt.net.localhost’, to the host name of a proxy or server that sits in front you Integration Server.

The above is mandatory is a containerised architecture as your pods come and go, therefore the ‘watt.net.localhost’ property has to be set to the name of the service associated with your deployment/stateful set.

The above is not necessarily true for layered products such as BPM, TN etc.


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