I think that Im not on any domain.Its a WORKGROUP!!How can Tamino work without domain?Thanks

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The only user that can log into SMH after installation is the user that installed it. Typically that would be your user name (kayarsenal) or Administrator.

If these are local users you don’t need a domain. If this is a Windows domain user of domain ARSENAL you need to enter “ARSENAL\kayarsenal” in the user field and your password.

After successful logon you can add any other users at Managed Hosts//Administrators either to all components or to specific components only.

Hope that help!


Thanks a lot for the reply.Unfortunately it still wont work. When I log in with kayarsenal it doesnt login atll.I only login with administrator and cant access Tamino and SMH with this.
I hope you udnerstand me now?

Arsenal are the best!

When you say you can’t access Tamino and SMH do you get the following message in the right frame?

(ARG2007) The user does not have enough rights to execute this command

Yes I do!But after logging in with administrator.I cant log in with kayarsenal atall!

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Here’s a workaround:

First log out from SMH.

Open the registry editor (regedit) and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Software AG\System Management Hub\Products

Add an empty key called “kayarsenal” to System Management Hub\User and Tamino\User respectively. That’s where Tamino stores the authorized users. They are authenticated using the operating system.

Then log on to SMH. User kayarsenal should be able to use both SMH and Tamino.

Im so happy!!You know what I did?I tried all the things u said but none seemed to work to I deleted the kayarsenal username and since it permitted administrator, and created a new key administrator.Now Im in!!! HUHHHHHH!!! :o)))
Thanks to everyone that replied my mails :slight_smile:

Arsenal are the best!

think that Im not on any domain.Its a WORKGROUP!!How can Tamino work without domain?Thanks

Arsenal are the best!

In a workgroup there are only local users of the respective computers. So you only need to give your local user name when logging in.

If you have a Windows domain with a domain controller and domain users you need to specify the domain e.g. “ARSENAL/kayarsenal” where ARSENAL is the domain and kayarsenal your domain user name.

But there are no workgroup users.

You can configure additional administrators in SMH at Managed Hosts//Administrators.