NTLM Authentication, different user

I’m trying to call a webservice that is using NTLM authentication.
win32.ntlm:reg leverage’s the account that is being logged into on the OS(Active directory account), so when the service is moved to the server it wil not work anymore because its a different user.
So i would like to convert an username and password to NTLM specifications. For as far as i know thats not possible with win32.ntlm:reg because there is no input for the service. It wil use the user thats logged into on the OS itself.
Could somebody help to me to taclke this problems, any ideas or thoughts are welcome!

In the SOAPheader there is a parameter auth/transport/type( also auth/transport/user and auth/transport/pass). If i insert NTLM into the parameter type it wil stil not work. Does somebody has any idea what this type parameter does?

Hi Thomas,

Have you got any clue on this issue. I’m facing the same issue currently, getting Authorization error while passing NTLM credentials. My IS is running on Linux machine. Kindly let me know if you have any solution to fix.