Consuming a REST service with Windows Integrated Auth (NTLM) from Integration Server 10.3 on Linux

Hi Folks,

I’m looking for how to consume a REST service that employs Windows Integrated Authentication, from an Integration Server 10.3 hosted in a Linux box.
From the ‘10.3 IS Administrators Guide’, page 1170, says

“[…] When acting as a client, Integration Server responds to
an NTLM challenge from a web server with the appropriate authentication credentials,
whether Integration Server runs on Windows, UNIX, or another supported platform.”

Having this said, has anyone got success in consuming a REST service that requires NTLM auth, from an IS [10.3] running on a Linux box?

Additional info:

  • during the attempts, we’ve switched the authentication method to use Basic Auth and the IS consumes the service (through the pub.client:http service) swiftly. Therefore, the issue is indeed the authentication;
  • switching the auth method back to “Windows Integrated Authentication” it refuses to work, throwing error (the error message is not the original one, it is ‘wrapped’, saying that “non-trusted login is not accepted”);
  • and one of the tests involved setting the pub.client:http’s input as below, and it didn’t work out.
auth/type = "NTLM"
auth/user =  "<domain>\<username>"

So… any thoughts?