pub.client.restCliente service apikey auth 401

I am using getDatabaseByName method of API REST from ARIS Repository API as Consumer on IS.
I have a token from umc, this works.
I’ve done a request in postman and it works rightly setting the umcsession param as apikey auth

But from IS doesnt work!

auth/type = APIKEY
auth/apiKey/in = query
auth/apiKey/name = umcsession
auth/apiKey/value = a valid token
as documentation said on page 139 and 140

The exception on IS is: [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: 401

Can you help me, please?

Have you checked all the other configuration settings match your postman request?
I notice postman is sending 1 header and your IS request is not.
There are also configuration of basePath, params/path and httpMethod. etc.

The configuration of your auth document seems to be correct for the APIKEY method.
Is there a way to capture the request generated by restClient in a debug log somewhere for you to be able to compare to the postman request?

I’ve just check the documentation and it says

This service is internal to Integration Server and you must not execute this service manually.

I would instead use the pub.client:http as it works in the same way and doesn’t seem to be internal only.