How to set up Authenication in IIS

I installed Tamino in Window 2000 server version with IIS as web server.

According to Tamino’s document - configuring - Activation Authentication Mechanisms, it mentions that only activate checkbox ‘Integrated Windows Authentication’ within the ‘Authentication Methods’ dialog box. And DO NOT activate the checkbox ‘Basic Authentication (password is sent in clear text)’ because this option can cause severe problems.

However, i find that if i only activate ‘Integrated Windows Authentication’, de-activate both ‘Basic Authentication’ and ‘anonymous access’, it denies access thou’ a Java Programme.

Besides, the access control of Tamino does not work properly as it cannot deny access of a particular user thro’ URL.
For example, user “orange” see all details in collection ino:security. But, its access to ino:security is denied thou’ access control list.

So, how can i set up Authenication in IIS so that it can work properly on Java programme and accessing directly thou’ URL?