Tamino Authentication And IIS


It doesn’t look like there is anyone home in the “Security Forum”, (the last post was in 03/2006 and I got no response). So I am going to give it a try here.

I am having problem getting Tamino Authentication mode to work with IIS 6 on W2K3, Tamino

I add a local user id/password, proper ACL definition in Tamino, set Tamino authentication mode to Tamino, IIS authentication mode to “Basic Authentication”.

Queries running IE 6 & 7 always get authentication failure, HTTP 401, after 3 login prompts by browser.

I also add a user to Tamino using a valid Windows domain account ID, and proper ACL definition. Login using this Windows ID/pwd would succeed.

This gives me the impression that IIS always authenticate the ID/pwd against Windows network, instead of forward the pair ID/pwd to Tamino to be authenticated by Tamino. Is this true? If so, how to correct this situation. (I am aware of the case sensitivity in Tamino).

Any insights is appreciated.