Tamino Authentication Against Local Operating System


I am testing Tamino on Suse Linux 8, Apache 2.0.48.

I have:

  1. Enable Tamino authentication mode.
  2. Add a domain in ino:domain, with ino:domaintype=“os”, ino:acceptusers=“all”.
  3. Add a Linux user ID & password to ino:user with no domain.
  4. Add the same Linux user ID to ino:user with a domain defined in step 2.

When running queries from browsers(IE or Mozilla),
I can get authenticated using the Tamino user ID/password with no domain.
But can not get pass authentication when using the domain\user ID/password (got throw back to the login prompt dialog)
It appears that Tamino authentication against local O/S doesn’t work ?
What am I missing ?