Tamino Authentication on WinXP-professional

I have a test db running on WinXP with Authentication=Tamino specified.
I’m using IIS as webserver.
On Win2000P this all worked fine, but now I can’t get passed the Authentication screen.
I’ve read in other topics that you have to activate ‘Anonynous Access’ and deactive ‘Basic Authentication’ so I did.
But there is one more field checked which I can’t change: the ‘Digest Authentication for Domain servers’.
On my previous Win2000P system this option was not activated.
Could this be the reason why I don’t get the correct logon screen?
And if so, how to deactivate this option?

Enclosed is a screenshot of my Authentication Methods settings.

Hello Frank,

I just tried to reproduce this on Windows XP with the IIS that comes with it by default. On that machine I was able to deactivate the “Digest authentication for Windows domain servers” and also the “Integrated Windows authentication”. I guess you must have some security policies set on your machine which prevent you from deactivating the digest authentication.


I set the authentication to “Tamino” mode, and then I tried authenticate against “ldap” domain by creating a appropriate domain. It works. However, I cann’t make the “os” domain work. After I create a os domain and configure it to allow all os users, I can not log in using the user on os.
Any idea?
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Hello Dantem,

can you please post the contents of ino:security here, so that I can see what has been set exactly. Please note, that the Tamino authentication is case-sensitive, so if you defined the domain name as “MYDOM” you also need to write it exactly that way when logging in - “mydom” won’t work.

Heiko Weber