Would anyone know where you can put in the username and password in the AS2 URL on IPNET ? Our trading partner is seeing the following:

Error Message: Malformed or Non MDN reply received
[http://##.##.###.###:####/invoke/wm.tn/receive] was SUCCESSFUL with a HTTP Status Code of [200] but a NEGATIVE MDN reply was received
Related Settings: Originator:AS2 Send - Originating Party
Recipient:AS2 Send - Recipient Party

We are not seeing any document on TN. The certificate is applied, but our WM administrator indicated it is prompting for username and password.


Hopefully you searched through the forums. I think you may be able to do this:


so it is username, colon, password, at-sign, ip address. I am not 100% sure if that is all you need or if there is not just a form page to enter that information in, but it may be worth a shot.

Thanks Yemi. Yes, we have searched through the forum, but didn’t see anything specific pertaining to where to put the username and password. We did notice a post concerning the IBM system using the same format you mentioned so we were going to give that a try.


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