Not able to open IS Admin Console

Hi RMG and all other Experts,

I have IS 6.1 and i am working on the same from past 3 months. I used to open IS Admin console using http://localhost:5555 but suddenly now i am not able to open the same. Now it says “the page can not be found”.

I verify that my server is up and i am able to open and execut few of my services. If i go to http://localhost:5555/WmRoot then able to see WmRoot package details in browser.

Can you tell me what could be the reason and how shall i solve it.


Kindly check to see if you have the “Default” package loaded, in the case that the package is disabled or deleted you might fase this issue.

Hi JK,

thanks for the reply. You r rite "Default’ package is not loaded. Since i am not able to see admin console whats the option i have to load this package?


Thanks JK,

I enabled Default package and now i am able to see Admin console.

Thanks for you suggestion. Appreciated.