Unable to start admin console

I was experimenting with writing a web service in java with an external IDE, and I think I killed WM.

I am able to start IS and Developer. The package I was working on no longer shows up in Developer. I can browse services by hitting http://localhost:5555/WmEWS/directory/, but when I go tot the admin page (http://localhost:5555) all I get is a 404.

How do I recover the IS and my code? I hope WM isn’t really this fragile and there’s an easy way to get back up.

Hopefully what happened is that the Default package was disabled to got screwed up. The Default package is the package that http://localhost:5555 goes to.

By default the Default package redirects that URL to http://localhost:5555/WmRoot. This allows for you to override the default home page of IS. It also allows for the disturbing side-effect of losing the default behavior of http://localhost:5555 when something happens to the Default package.

Use http://localhost:5555/WmRoot to get to IS Admin stuff.
Either re-enable the Default package or restore the contents of the packages/Default/pub directory.

That was it.