Admin page of Integration Server is empty.

Admin page of Integration Server is empty. Upon checking the server logs, the Wmpackages and custom packages are loaded during startup. Please refer to attached screenshot as to how the Admin Page looks.

Hi AJ,

how do you access the admin pages? via ip:port or via ip:port/WmRoot?

If the second variant works, this might indicate that package Default is disabled, corrupted or missing(deleted?) at all.
If both variants are not working: bad luck as you might need to reinstall the complete integration server.

Which version are you running on?

When running on 9.6 or newer you might only need to recreate the affected instance.


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We access via via ip:port. We are using wm6.5 for this instance.

Now the issue is due to used ports. But when we checked the /config/server.cnf, it contains the correct ports for the IS we are starting. However, in the logs, it is detecting it shows that it is connecting to another IS’s port.

Hi Holger,

Thank you for your help! Our issue is now resolved.
The package Default is corrupted.

Thanks again!