IS Console Administrate page not showing

Hi All,

am using webMethods 8 SP2, if i browse http://hostname:5555/ URL in iExplores, it is not showing console page it is showing listing of filename see attached document Screent shot one:, it is not showing login user popup prompt

if i use http://hostname:portnumber/WmRoot/ URL in iExplorer, it is prompting login popup asking username and password to login,after giving Administrator user name password it is showing IS Admin page please attached document Screent shot two:

and also see Screent shot three:, Defalut package is enable and also seen server.config file having proprty watt.server.defaultPackage=Default.

Am not getting why it is not showing Admin console for http://hostname:5555/ URL., please any one help me on this

Anil kumar ellendula

May be during SP2 install some files in the Default package folder could have deleted/missed. Restore it from backup and Restart IS


Hi rmg,

upto yesterday it was working very well after installing sp2,i have installed sp2 on april 2010.

Any thing changed in the env since yesterday or restore the backup files for Default and restart IS?

Nothing has been changed in environment yesterday, iddnot setup any updates and changes in environment, i donot know why it is showing this page.

i observed that index.html is missing in Defalt\pub folder, copied index.html from other environment, and reloaded the Default package,now it is working, thanks for your hepl.

Anil kumar ellendula

Glad to hear back its working!