* No Projects authorized for current User

Hello all,

Can you please help?

I’m using the webMethods Deployer 10.7 (DEP_10.7_Fix3)
I’m on a production (customer) instance.

I’m trying to consult the Projects and I’m getting the error:
**** No Projects authorized for current User.***


I’ve already check the ACLs, and it apears fine:

Hi Gilberto,

please check if your user is a member of one of the groups shown in the second screenshot.

“* No Projects authorized for current User.” either means that there are no projects created or imported at all to this instance or that there is project locking enabled and you are not in the recipient list for these projects.
Can you check the Settings page of WmDeployer to verify this?

Deployer creates additional ACLs (Define, Build, Map, Deploy) for each project.
If you have access to the file system of the instance you can check the packages/WmDeployer/projects directory if there are any projects there.

Please check the Deployer Users Guide for further informations.


Hi Holger,

Thank you for your help.

I’ve fix the problem by delete all olds project on paths:

And when I try a new deploy it appear on projects list.


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