No data available for virtual service performances when switching to graphical view

Hi everyone,

I have configured a working virtual service which is able to display a few performance metrics in the “Performances” tab of this virtual service.
I don’t know why, but I can’t see these metrics when I switch to graphical view (I get a “no data available” message), whereas I can see them when I’m using the tabular view.

Did anyone run into the same issue and know what’s going wrong?



Hello Antoine,

are you on version 822/9.0 or 9.5?
I am asking because there were some changes in this functionality recently.
If you are using 822/9 and refer to the performance profile of a virtual service in CentraSite Control,
please check the slider above the chart and define a start / end date for your chart. Alternatively you can click also the text links below for the time range.
Pls let me know whether this helps or not.


Thanks for your quick answer Daniel!

I’m using version 9.0.
Event when setting start/end date, I get this “no data available” message :frowning:

Maybe I should upgrade to 9.5 then?



Just upgraded to 9.5 version but I still get the same message : “no data available”
One detail that could be of interest : i’m using IE8.


do try a different browser. I’ve encountered issues with IE8 not supporting the SVG plug-in properly too.