Need details of payload in EDI doc

Hi All,

Could anyone please shed some light on “payload” details as part of EDI doc. I mean,

  1. how to identify it ?
  2. is every EDI doc should posses this segment
  3. and also share me good sites where i can download docs/pdf’s related to EDI which is useful to implement in wM system.

I have gone through EDI documentation but not that clear henceforth requesting your help.


Payload term is nothing but the actual data file/content that is it can be EDI X12 or XML data or FlatFile Data etc…and this team is generally used for EDIINT AS2 protocol where TN will extract the Payload data received thru the AS2 encryption.

Please review the webMethods EDIINT Module user guide for more information:


Thanks RMG for your quick help. Could you please suggest me some good sites where i can find details around EDI to have a good picturerization of it.


Just google it if you want to learn EDI world of integration and tips: :smiley:

try to learn EDI data level,it will easy for you then to work with EDI

Yes that make sense to grow as a EDI programmer/developer roles.