NaturalOne subprogram testing using menus gets error

Trying to test 3 line natural subprogram using the TEST facility in Nat One eclipse.

Could not connect to the specified Natural RPC server. Verify that your server is running. View details for more information.
Socket connect failed for localhost:1971 ( Connection refused: connect)

This is the subprogram trying to test
1 #IN-PARM (A20) /* ANY TEXT

Tried to enable testing using these instructions but did not work.

We only use normal DNS / IP connection to mainframe nat dev server (batch).


Of course testing it by creating a program to call it works just fine.
Just trying to use the eclipse function and make it work.

If you cant find a solution, maybe have a look at NatUnit.

It works everywhere you can start a Natual Program.

Best regards

Markus Wessjohann

The only testing we’ve gotten to work consistently is the testing on the mainframe in a Debug session that is attached to a Debug Attach Server (DAS) running on the client device and having NaturalONE connected to that same DAS. And SAG Development states the DAS connection from ONE can only be activated from a permanent (local) project. It doesn’t work in server mode (i.e. from a temporary - _nattmp-… project).

I’d be interested for a webinar on Debugging or Testing in ONE that doesn’t require running a DAS and connecting both the ONE client and the mainframe session to the DAS, but we do have the DAS method working.

Thanks much Kathy.