Utilities for automated unit testing of Natural in Eclipse?

Hi there

I’m doing an in-house talk on Test-driven development using C# and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Half the audience will be Natural main-frame developers. Therefore I’d like to know if Natural-development in either SPoD or Eclipse supports test-driven development? Or stated differently: are there utilities for automated unit testing of Natural code in either SPoD or Eclipse?

I’ve posted this question in both the SPoD and the Eclipse groups.

NaturalONE provides the capability to run automatic unit tests for subprograms.
You may run the tests locally on the NaturalONE workstation or you may choose to run the tests via NaturalRPC on the Natural server.

With NaturalONE 8.2 it is possible to test automatically subprograms, subroutines, maps.