Automated Testing of Natural screens

We’re running Natural on z/VSE and I was wondering if there are any automated testing products available. Haven’t had any luck with a google search. If there are no tools to do this, are people using a vse connectors to accomplish this? I have used TPNS to drive CICS screens in a z/OS environment, is there a vse product like that? Thanks in advance…

I just found Stefan’s post about NatUnit. He points out that the code would need to be modularized (separate business logic from UI and database calls) to make use of unit testing. This would not be practical at our shop so I was thinking of system testing by driving Natural screens.

The description of the April 2018 Innovation Release ( mentions a Natural Screen Tester. Perhaps you should ask your SAG rep for more information. It may be worth the wait (that is, until it becomes part of the general release).

There is a product by Software AG called “Screen Tester” (at least that was the pre-release name) that acts as a terminal client against Adabas/Natural just like a normal user. You can grab fields from maps, input data, and compare fields on the screen with expected values etc. In the end, you get a JUnit test that can be executed with Java.

It looks really promising and I tested the beta version myself. However, I’m not sure if the tool is production ready yet. But Software AG will provide you with more information, I guess.

If you would like to talk to me about my experience with the tool, feel free to get in touch with me.