Testing Tool

Hello Every One,

 I need to make testing tool for my organisation, But i do not have sufficient idea about this can anyone suggest 
 me or guide me for making tool with Natural/Adabas , So that i can gain more value with our customer.


Can you provide a bit more information about what scope of testing you are looking for ?


maybe you should have look at Natunit http://sourceforge.net/projects/natunit/?source=directory .
If you are developing not on OpenSystem you must edit file NUGTCSRC.NSS to use the User Exit to read the Testcases.

This was the next Todo, but you can work on it.

Best regards,

Markus Wessjohann

To reiterate what Wolfgang asked:

Is the testing tool to help in the development of a new, yet unwritten, system?

Is the tool intended to compare output from an existing system and the newly developed NaturalOne system?

Batch, online, or both?

Yes, it works perfekt for new systems. It is a pain to bring old system under test. The test-framework is only on modul-Unit (subprogramms, subrouintes etc), it doesn’t work with a GUI.

No, it can’t compare systems. The test-framework can only parts of the system. With a little affort you can compare the outputfiles of both systems, but this you should avoid.

Yes, both. Integration in Hudson/Jenkins so you can start the tests every day.

More information you can find here:

Best regards,

Markus Wessjohann

Markus, why are you answering the question? I expected an answer from the poster of the question, namely Swan.

Have you been in contact with him?


Hi Markus;

Just to clarify my last post (having re-read your post).

I assumed from the original question that Swan was embarking on a project to create a customized testing facility for his shop. That is why I could not understand you answering my questions.

After re-reading your post , your assumption is that Swan will be using Natural’s testing facilities. It is really not clear from the original post which assumption is correct.

Swan, could you please clarify whether you are looking for help using NaturalOne’s testing facilities or you are looking to create a customized testing facility.


Hi Steve & All,

Happy New Year to ALL.

Actually I need to make some customized testing tool using with User-Exit of Natural-One.

& one thing more i also need to know some suggestion for optimizing the existing code.

I had an idea to replace Read(1) to Find(1) in existing code.
Some other idea like above if you have please let me know,

Actually my aim is i have to reduce I/O and CPU uses after optimizing the existing code , because a lot of old code is present in our system.

I am waiting for your valuable suggestion,
Thanks for giving me your precious time.

Thanks, Swan

Replacing READ (1) with FIND (1) is probably a bad way to start your project to make code more efficient. Dependent, of course, on the number of ISNs that would satisfy the FIND, the READ(1) is VERY likely to be more efficient than the “matching” FIND(1). Indeed, the performance difference could be substantially different.

If you are not truly familiar with both Natural and Adabas, some education for you and your colleagues directed at performance issues, would likely produce significant improvement in the present, and future, projects concerned with performance.