Is There a Natural Workbench Available ?

I am very Fresh to the world of Natural ADABAS. Prior to this I was working on COBOL/CICS/DB2. I actually was trained on COBOL on CA-Realia Workbench. But I have tried searching a lot for the last couple of days, but have not been able to find a similar Workbench for Natural ADABAS.
I know the theoritical concepts of Naturals ADABAS, but I have not done any practical programming thus far on it yet. Before I get to working on the Mainframes on Naturals ADABAS, I would like to test myself on any such Workbench.
I would just like to know if there is any available. Thanking you in anticipation.
Yogendra Harchilkar

I wonder which “theoretical concepts” you are familiar with, apparently you are not even aware of the fact that NATURAL (the programming language) and ADABAS (the database) are two different products ?

Anyway, there is a “workbench” for NATURAL on the mainframe, it is called “NATURAL Studio”, but it requires a mainframe server component (the NATURAL Development Server) as its counterpart.

Dear Mr. Winter,
First of all, in spite of what you said in your message at the start, I would like to thank you for your reply. I shall try and arrange it here at my workplace. But I would like to know if there is any such Workbench which can be on Windows, Linux maybe.
Also the Workbench that you just mentioned, can it work on a Mainframe Emulator ? I don’t have any knowledge about this, but asking as one of my friend’s said it can.
As for the earlier part, well Mr. Winter, well I do know that Natural and ADABAS are two different products, that Natural is a Language and ADABAS is a Database. But I have been so used to saying Natural ADABAS as a part of my project, that I typed it down the same way, not knowing that someone was going to bring the “Mistake” to my notice. But still thanks anyways.
I do know I sound a bit angry and sarcastic in my reply, but I hope you get my point and Sorry for the same.

The NATURAL Studio in fact is “NATURAL for Windows”, which allows you to either develop “locally” on the Windows platform, or connect to the mainframe (or UNIX / Linux) and actually develop & test “remotely” on the target platform.

This is an integrated IDE, which, when you execute a “remote” program, will bring up an emulation window so that yo get the same output as you would when working on a “green-screen”.

You cannot, however, “run the workbench” on a 3270 type terminal.

This workbench is currently available for Windows only.

I want to ask for just one last favour, if I may. Can you provide me with any links where I can get any information on the Natural Studio Workbench ? I shall try from my place by searching on Google, but sometimes the search can get faster if I know some links.
Thanking you in anticipation.

You can order a trial copy here:

p.s.: please don’t take my initial words, which may have sounded a bit harsh, as a personal offence, I’m just having a problem with people being told “you will be a NATURAL programmer starting tomorrow, it’s YOUR responsibility to prepare and get fit for that task” rather than providing proper education :?

Dear Mr. Winter,
Thanks a lot for your help. I have been trying to open the link, but have been unable to, probably certain Network Settings in my organisation are preventing me from doing so. But I’ve also tried finding by Google Search. Just let me know if this is Correct. I type in “NATURAL Studio” in the search.
Anyways, I have also got certain tutorials from certain websites, but I need some practical programming knowledge as there is very little time that my Client has given for me to get familiar with Natural and start work immediately. So I am trying to get the workbench, and instead of finding it myself, I asked for someone to give me a link. Thanks a lot anyways Mr.Winter for your help, but if you can just help me for a last time again, can you give me the link again.
P.S. I got angry probably with the kind of pressure that my client has put on me. With virtually no resources available, I have been asked to get comfortable in Programming within a very short time and start work. It was nothing personal, Sir, as I do know the kind of experience you may have might have made you point my Mistake. I still hope that you would guide me through this.

Hi Yogendra

Try searching on “NATURAL PRODUCTIVITY PACKAGE” - you will get the same link in Google, and 209 others.


If your organization prevents you from ordering the CD, there’s not much I can do, I’m afraid.

I placed the order last night. I had to get permission from my organisation for that purpose, but I was able to go ahead and place the order. Now, my only question is how is this order processed? I mean, when will the Package arrive, and how do I get the package? Mr.Winter mentioned about the CD, when and how do I get the CD?
Well until that CD arrives, I am only going through a couple of pdf’s and online tutorials on Natural and ADABAS. Can you tell me which is the best book (online will also do) for Natural Programming. Currently, I am just on the Online training.

Glad to hear you have been able to order the cd, finally !

I can’t tell you anything about the shipping process, though.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no “online books”, you’ll find a number of great printed ones here:

Well yes, finally I have been able to order the CD, and all thanks to Mr. Winter and Mr.Henrik for guiding me through this. If only my client helps me further. I am so new to Natural and ADABAS, I have also been asked to learn how to port Natural to may be Cobol (is that possible?) as a part of my project. And for that purpose, I have to first try and be proficient in Natural which is very tough with the time I have in hand.
I shall keep posting queries regarding Natural on the forum very regularly now, once I start with programming.

Amen to that!

Amen to that!

Hi All,

Could you help in getting the NATURAL PRODUCTIVITY PACKAGE free version…I am also new to this world.

Yogendra, it seems that you have done the process, plz help.

Software AG has made this much simpler. You can download Windows versions at